General Dentistry

General Dentistry

You deserve a dentist who cares about your health.

Your oral health is intimately connected to your overall well-being, so dental care should be focused on more than just your mouth. At Spring Oaks Dental, we approach our work with the latest research and expertise, taking a multidisciplinary approach to your care. We work with our patients to tackle their general dentistry needs with an emphasis on biological and airway dentistry. This focus allows us to do more than just help you achieve a beautiful smile; we can help you improve your breathing, get a better night’s sleep, and live a more vibrant life. We are trained through Airway Health Solutions and are a Vivos Integrated Practice. Through this comprehensive training we are able to utilize the highest-quality, cost-effective oral appliance technology to treat dentofacial abnormalities, sleep apnea, and more.


They take the time and effort to ensure the patient is comfortable, and they do a thorough job. Everyone in the office is warm and friendly.


Let us show you what a multidisciplinary approach looks like.

With biological dentistry, we approach your oral care as one part of your overall well-being.

Biological dentistry is all about protecting your health. With this approach, we take a closer look at the ways in which the materials being used in dental treatments affect your body so we can make sure that we’re never using anything that would be irritating to your system. At Spring Oaks Dental, we always seek out the least-toxic and least-invasive ways to improve your oral health and help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Learn more about our biological dentistry practice to see how this approach can improve your overall well-being and help you live a healthier life.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is key to your health.

We provide the preventive care you need to feel confident.

Regular dental checkups are the foundation of good oral health. They allow you to connect with our team of experts about any concerns you have, assess the state of your oral health, and address any issues that come up before they evolve into bigger conditions that may threaten your health. Our team is here to provide you with caring, attentive dental care to keep you feeling and looking your best.

Through general dentistry, we can help you

Maintain your
oral health
Feel more confident
in your smile
Live your best

Bad breath and sensitive gums may be signs of something more.

Periodontal therapy can stop the damage before it escalates.

Most Americans experience some form of periodontal disease, often without realizing it. It can cause tooth loss, bleeding, sensitive gums, bad breath, and more. When diagnosed early, periodontal disease is easily treatable with minimally invasive procedures. At Spring Oaks Dental, we provide deep cleaning plus ozone gas therapy. This ozone gas therapy consists of medical-grade oxygen that is turned into ozone and then dispensed below the gums to kill bacteria and aid healing. As part of your regular checkups, our team will assess your gums and supportive tissue to identify periodontal disease so we can stop it in its tracks.

Sugary and acidic food and drink can wreak havoc on your teeth.

Fillings provide a convenient solution to keep you healthy.

Despite your best efforts at maintaining proper oral hygiene, your diet, lifestyle, or even your genetics may cause you to develop cavities. Cavities occur when bacteria eats away at the enamel of your teeth, causing tooth decay. At Spring Oaks Dental, we can correct this damage by removing the bacteria and replacing the damaged portion with tooth-colored resin. These fillings will last for years and protect against further decay.

Damaged teeth can be fixed.

Crowns provide a long-lasting method to restore your tooth’s structure.

Crowns are a common dental treatment dentists use to restore the structure of a damaged tooth and prevent further issues. As with all of our dental treatments, we will only offer solutions that are a good fit for your own unique body. That’s why we utilize biomeridian testing to determine which materials—from anesthetics to sutures to crowns—are the right fit for each patient. The BioMeridian practitioner maintains a list of all the substances and products in the Spring Oaks Dental office to ensure we don’t use anything that isn’t biocompatible with the patient. Depending on your needs, we’ll use ceramic-based, BPA-free composite, metal-free zirconia, e.max (lithium disilicate), or porcelain materials for your crown.

Eliminate materials that may not be right for your body.

With the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART), our team can replace harmful fillings.

Traditionally, many fillings were a silver amalgam material that consisted of up to 50% mercury. Mercury is a known toxin to humans, and its presence in your mouth may be causing harmful side effects. Additionally, the metals used in amalgam fillings may not be compatible with your body. Our team is skilled in the SMART approach, which provides a safe and stress-free way to remove damaging materials so you feel confident in the health and safety of your smile.

Tooth damage can hurt your overall health.

Sometimes you need an extraction to get you back on track.

At Spring Oaks Dental, we’ll do everything we can to address your dental concerns with the least-invasive procedure possible. However, extensive decay or injury may damage a tooth beyond repair. If that’s the case for you, rest assured that our team can remove the tooth, provide a number of treatment options to replace it, and get you back to smiling bright and feeling excited about your smile again soon.

Disordered breathing disrupts your life.

Airway-focused treatments can help.

Millions of Americans suffer from disordered breathing, with many of these conditions remaining undiagnosed. Our bodies can’t function properly without enough oxygen, so when left untreated, these conditions can lead to significant health impacts. Disordered breathing is often most pronounced during sleep, but common symptoms include mouth breathing, snoring, teeth grinding, brain fog, forward head posture, headaches, stress, and more. Our airway dentistry practice is experienced in identifying and treating a number of common disordered breathing patterns. Learn more about what we can do to improve your airway.

Proper facial structure can improve your overall health.

If you or your child needs a frenectomy, you’re in good hands with our team.

A lip- or tongue-tie can limit the tongue’s range of motion. This can affect your speech or pull your gums back, causing them to recede and leading to additional oral health problems. When this happens, your dentist can perform a frenectomy to remove or modify the tight band of tissue. At Spring Oaks Dental, we use a dental laser to perform this procedure because it is easy on the tissue and promotes quicker healing. We also offer this procedure as part of a treatment program that includes a series of exercises to address the tongue-tie from a functional standpoint. With this approach, we can help you achieve long-lasting improvement in your tongue and overall oral function.