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A Brighter Smile, A Better You

As a leading cosmetic dental practice of the Spring, Texas area, Spring Oaks Dental is committed to help you to achieve the smile of your dreams. Through our caring – nonintrusive – oral health treatments, you will see a brighter smile, and a better you.

As a pioneer in modern dentistry, Dr. Kassi Klein DDS has earned a reputation as a provider of the gentlest, and quickest, dental treatments available. With scientifically advanced oral health resources, like our Biolase EPIC laser teeth whitening system, a makeover of your smile can be completed in as a little as one appointment!

In fact, with modern solutions like the EPIC system, many treatments only take 20 minutes! Not only are these systems quicker, but they are also more effective. For example, an industry leading in-office teeth whitening procedure will boast its ability to whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades. EPIC laser teeth whitening, on the other hand, offers up to 12 shades of additional glow. Laser teeth whitening programs are also reportedly much more kind on sensitive teeth. So, if you have sensitive teeth and have been too worried about the pain from conventional teeth whitening programs, an EPIC procedure might be perfect for you.

It’s easy to see why EPIC teeth whitening treatments are becoming a popular request among our patients. It’s hard to compete with a forward-thinking medical approach that is both, more effective and less uncomfortable. For our friends who are curious about receiving the absolute height of dental science to reinvigorate their smile, here are some fast answers to a few frequently asked questions…

EPIC laser teeth whitening FAQ

  1. How do I get EPIC laser teeth whitening?

You can receive treatments at your cosmetic dentist office. While most people can benefit from a whiter smile, you should consult with your doctor in order to verify your candidacy.

  1. How soon until my teeth are whiter?

Unlike many at-home tooth whitening kits, you will begin to see a noticeably whiter smile immediately. With a standard 20-minute whitening treatment, you can boost the shine of your teeth by as many as 12 shades!

  1. What’s involved in an EPIC laser teeth whitening treatment?

First, your doctor will apply a tiny amount of gel to the fronts of your teeth. This gel is tasteless and acts as a catalyst for your whitening procedure. The doctor will then apply the (painless) light from the EPIC laser system to your teeth. Minutes later, you will have the glowing, healthy, smile of your dreams and be free to move about your day.

Local Leaders

Doctor Kassi Klein DDS is the Spring area’s top authority on cosmetic dentistry and general oral health. With Dr. Klein and the Spring Oaks Dental team, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the best hands to rejuvenate your smile and improve the health of your entire mouth. Schedule a no-pressure consultation by calling us at (832) 510-3834 or by visiting SpringOaksDental.com.